A daily (?) blog. Supposedly…

This is supposed to be my daily blog of daily happenings. Or atleast, I thought I would do it that way.

Why is it then that I am updating my blog after such a long time?

Simple. I haven’t had the inclination to do anything yet. I come to work. I do my job. I go home. I listen to music. I have dinner. I sleep. I wake up. And the day starts all over again.

Sometimes, I do jot down my thoughts on my PC before I go to sleep; if I am not too tired, that is… I save it in a text file (no formatting tensions :D). most of the times I don’t… I must have hidden away millions of these thought in my brain until now. I think I oughtta get myself one of those small recorder gizmos. Or I must out it on my wish-list. May be some good friend will gift it to me on my budday. Hmmm, now there’s a thought for you…

I still haven’t found it comfortable to jot down my thoughts in a public space like this one. I have always tried to keep my two identities separate. I think, I have succeeded until now, but I am not sure…

May be that’s whyI do not want to venture out my personal details even though this is a psudonymous blog. Somewhere, someone can always make a connection. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure me out.

Or may be you do…


6 Responses to A daily (?) blog. Supposedly…

  1. i’m really not sure y i’m saying this, but perhaps, people won’t try to figure u out, if u don’t want them to.
    tho i do understand the comfort of putting up thoughts under the protection of a psudonom, i use it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rocket scientist ???no,not at all.ur identity is as distinct as ur thoughts are.Reading ur blog has become even more interesting after knowing the real stinger.

  3. simple thoughts says:

    after that last comment, all i can say is, best o luck stinger..:D

  4. Born Stinger says:

    Thanx anonymous (though I would like to know who you are… at least a pseudonym). You know me? Interesting…

    Best of luck? didn’t understand that…

  5. Anonymous says:

    The first thing tht struck me, when i found abt u was, what was the anonymity shielding in u.as far as i know,u dont bother much abt wht ppl think of u .
    but i do have to say one thing tht u do write well, i enjoyed some of the stuff u wrote.keep up the good work.

  6. simple thoughts says:

    what i meant stinger, was that people seem to be able to see through your mask. best of luck for keeping it in place, and keeping it effective. :)–>

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