A new spot – BlogSpot!

A basic version of my new blog is up. Haven’t really thought of anything. The old blog will remian… And so will the stories (Yay!) May be I will move them here some day…

One thing I liked about Blogger is, it alows you to post on any date… πŸ˜€

I think I’ll use this post for a lotta backlinks and blogroll…

Old Stories

Blog Roll:

Simple Thoughts
Elegance in Simplicity. You define it, girl!

The polar opposite.

Build your life here.

Simpson Fan. Or maybe, a sensible guy is more apt.

Life is a Paradox. And he knows it too well…

Aariya Shah
Brevity is the soul of… life2plz!

Talking Silence
Thoughts, and more…

Aditya Bidikar
Indian A-list Blogger. Nice stories too…

Gemini Girl
Desi Girl in Pardes…

Samita Chatterjee
A glass rose in the waters of the wild…

Halt! by V
A poetic life… A poet’s life.

Thanx guys, you have made my life much better than it could ever be. I will add these links in the left pane soon, as soon as I figure out the settings on Blogger…

A few lines before I leave:

“Life goes on, as if a farce
After the rains, I see the stars,
I say to myself, it is so true,
The night will go, a morn is due…

I do not fear the night that falls,
Nor do scare me, the chilling calls,
I think of ghosts and laugh aloud,
Crowded singly yet alone in a crowd…”

Yours Truly,
Born Stinger.

Update: Dec 27, 2005

Quasi a.k.a Inane.
Still life: when life comes to a stand-still he is there to capture it…

Finally, figured out the settings… Had done it once before for my personal blog here.


11 Responses to A new spot – BlogSpot!

  1. nice look… nice description. and SUCH a sweet compliment! thank u.

  2. preetika says:

    ‘was just passing through and i fell in love with those few lines of poetry you’ve written!!

    god bless!

  3. Ichobana says:

    welcome to the blogosphere

  4. hey! this looks promising…I don’t know if I spelled that right…but oh well!

    welcome to the blogosphere!


  5. navneet says:

    hey stinger, welcome to your new blog address…guess we’ll see many great posts here….
    and in case you want someone to design a template you could follow the link on my blog to shreya(she made the simpson template for me, and i guess for ST as well)

  6. simple thoughts says:

    yup. but methinks navneet, shreya designs templates only for rediffblogs. neways.. one can always ask.

  7. Born Stinger says:

    ‘Twas the truth… Anyway, you’re welcome.

    @preetika, ichobana, bbi:
    Thanx. Have left a comment on your blogs.

    Thanx. Am planning to make my template myself. Haven’t thought of any particular theme. Would love suggestions…

    Thanx for dropping by, everyone…. Watch this space for updates…

  8. preetika says:

    hey thanks for dropping by( where have i heard that one before πŸ™‚ )

    the stuff i’ve wrritten is THAT thoughtlesS??

    lol πŸ™‚

  9. Radhika says:

    nice to hv u back..and hope to see you soon : ) thanks for defining me….nobody ever did that..it feels great!

  10. inane says:

    hey dude, welcome to blogger. just edit the css/html from the dashboard->edit template. Howz life ?

  11. inane says:

    & nice poem…–>

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