Wants & Needs…

Last night while I was reading I suddenly realized this:

“I don’t know what I want, but I know what I need…”

Is that what is causing all the trouble?

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11 Responses to Wants & Needs…

  1. C.K. says:

    its not about not knowing the wants..but more like not wanting to know one’s wants that causing all the trouble(hope i make sense)

  2. Radhika says:

    wants are desires…they never end. needs are perhaps the inner call..not often heard! i guess knowing what you need should be the beginning of ending all your problems! : ) hv a great day!

  3. it’s like knowing where u are to go, but not how u want to get there. yes, can be infuriating.

  4. quasi says:

    want is more of a wish, need more of a requirement. want is the (oft higher) goal, need is the (oft basic) instinct. So I guess needing more than wanting makes one feel more primitive … But we are all raw underneath anyway I say.

  5. preetika says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  6. preetika says:

    pardon me for contradicting, but i think its tougher to know what you need than what you want.

    ‘cuz it’s easy to get what you want; i cud throw up a tantrum at the most; but its the stuff that you need, keeps you working at getting it and working at keeping it. one can do without the wants but can’t do without the needs.

    in simple, crazy and utterly nonsensical words: it’s like when your sick. you dnt WANT to take medicines. but you NEED to take medicines to get you allright.

    wants, are the work of a fickle/transient mind. your need is what defines you.

    ok im starting to blabber.
    God bless!

  7. simple thoughts says:

    while that is true most times Preetika, sometimes needs have an unnerving way of asserting themselves. and knowing the most basic needs and not the more superficial wants can be an uncomfortable feeling.

  8. Hetal says:

    needs are called needs, probably, because we end up needing what we need, all our lives.
    most often than not we know not what we need, but when we know what we need, we also know that it is going to be rather impossible to be able to satisfy them. ever.
    when our need is someone elses’ want, and that because it is our need and not our want, it dosen’t get satisfied, and we still keep needing our needs; and that very want of someone elses does get satisfied, only beacuse it is a want and not a need?

  9. Life Rule #19730:

    “What you need is what you don’t want and what you want is what you don’t need.”

  10. Born Stinger says:

    Wow!! I seem to have opened a can of worms here…

    I will not answer to any of your comments (pardon me). because, each one of them has given me a unique insight into your lives. Each comment defines you. I hope each one of you have read all of them…

    It is true. We are what we write.

  11. signed out says:

    when your wants and your needs are the same, you will have an answer to your question and a few others aswell.–>

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