Stinger – the man…

Freak. Insane. Crazy. Stupid.

These are some of the epithets I have strived hard to earn. And I must admit, I am damn proud of ’em!!

Stories are something I use as a medium to voice out my concerns about the people around me. Conversations are something I love to hold. Some of the best ones I have had were of the silent kind.

People speak when prompted, and how!

I have heard my friends say, “That guy is such an introvert!” Funnily, that ‘guy’ turns out to be the same guy who speaks his heart out to me. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

My first blog was titled Conversations with G.O.D. That was where I wrote short conversations about people. Some of them were imaginary, others were not. I tried my hand at writing a personal blog but never got the hang of it.

And now, I think, I’ll go back to writing stories. At least for the time being…

If there’s anything personal to be written, you’ll find it here…


Born Stinger.


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